Mauricio Pochettino in a bitter mood

It left Mauricio Pochettino in a bitter mood that there was not a single person outside the fan-base of Tottenham wanting them to take the Premiership trophy and everybody was just for Leicester to complete a fairy-tale.

Pochettino believes the top side is always the one people look to defeat, but, for a change, it’s the no. 2 side which was on the target the previous season. Nobody was after the leaders and that was bizarre.

Tottenham chased Leicester to a very long distance and it’s only in the game before their penultimate game, when they had a draw, the title technically became impossible to clinch for them.

They were probably not tight enough at crucial times, but, according to Pochettino, he and his boys had loads to learn from it and they would be back only in a stronger capacity in this year’s summer.

Speaking to a news agency, the 45-year old manager said, “What I realized at the very start of my coaching career was that the attitude of coaches is very important, not only the head coach, but, the whole support staff because it rubs off on the players and they take it to the pitch.”
“We played bold, played with audacity and did not shy away from making risky decisions at any point. Being as young a side as we are, every game we play is a learning curve. We are always growing.”

“Leicester does not have exactly the same ideology as we have, but, theirs must be equally productive too as it won them the league. When a team turns out to be on top after a 9-month season, it has got to be better than the other teams in the competition for that particular season.”