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Bringing in Mauricio Pochettino was a stroke of genius

According to the former Tottenham Hotspur captain Gary Mabbutt, the decision to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as the head coach of the Premier League club was a stroke of genius that will hugely benefit the club for a variety of reasons.

Gary Mabbutt used to perform with the jersey of Tottenham from 1982 until 1998 and even though he is no longer a footballer, Mabbuttstill remains up to date with the world of football and especially with what is going involving his former club.

The home stadium of Tottenham Hotspur is currently undergoing huge renovations as it’s experiencing a change of going from having a capacity of 36,284 seats to more than 60,000 as well as many other new additions to the stadium which is good news for the Premier League club as they will be having one of the most modern football pitches in Europe but at the same time, there is a high chance of the owners of the club having to pay more than the initial expected cost of £400 million, there are estimations and rumors going around suggesting that the cost will probably reach £500 million and maybe even beyond that. Continue reading


Players – benchwarmers, stars and even reserves – fall out with coaches every now and then.

Why? Well, football can be likened to a machine plant that has human beings in its mix and as with everything that has to be processed alongside humans, emotions often rub off the system. The bone of contention is commonly unsatisfaction arising from the player’s end as to why he is sparingly featuring in the coaches starting line-up.

However hardly do you hear of a coach going out of his way to break his club’s transfer record, sign a player and pick issues with him even before featuring him in his first game. Enter Moussa Sissoko. The France international joined Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham for record sum of 30 million pounds. Continue reading

Mauricio Pochettino is not a fan of the Premier League’s early start

The 2016-17 season of the Premier League kicked off on August 13 as the English League initiated around 1 week earlier than many other top European Leagues such as the Italian League and the Spanish League.

Both of those European competitions initiated around 6 days later in comparison to the Premier League and Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham Hotspur is not a fan of having the league kicking off so early.

The Argentine manager of Tottenham Hotspur voiced his disagreement in having the Premier League so early as this causes a slight problem for the players that were performing with their national sides during that period of time. Those players had to represent their countries at the international stage and shortly after that, those who formed part of clubs in the Premier League had to come back to their respective clubs and perform in the top tier English League.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino said: “You cannot play the Euros and start the Premier League season on Aug. 13. How can you give rest to the players, after the whole season?I understand that it’s business, our supporters and the people want to watch football but it is very bad for the players.”

“The problem is we need to adapt the preseason for the players who were involved in the Euros. They arrive all at different times because they finish in different times. It is a very hard thing to do and it is very tough to manage them during the season, too, because it is not the same when you play 90 minutes.’’ Continue reading

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino claims that the club’s former star Gareth Bale could return

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino claims that the club’s former star Gareth Bale could return to White Hart Lane if favourable conditions persist.

Bale became the world’s most expensive player after his £ 85 million move from Tottenham to Real Madrid. He has since been able to lift several trophies including the Champions League, but there has always been in doubt surrounding him. This is down to the domination of Cristiano Ronaldo over every other player in the squad. The Portuguese superstar was expected to be sold, but he has become far more important as the years have progressed.

Bale continues to be ranked as one of the key players, but his importance has certainly diminished in the last few months. Rafa Benitez was a manager who saw Bale as a key ingredient in the team, but he has just been sacked. Zinedine Zidane has been appointed in his place. The Real Madrid legend is expected to tilt in favour of Ronaldo rather than Bale. This has once again started rumours about a potential return to the Premier League for the Welsh superstar. If Bale is set for a return to UK, then Spurs will be one of the teams interested in signing him according to their manager Pochettino. Continue reading

Redknapp’s backroom team depart

Following Harry Redknapp’s departure several weeks ago, there has been plenty of speculation regarding his backroom team that still remained at the club. However, it has now been announced that Joe Jordan and Kevin Bond have both left White Hart Lane, prompting speculation that Spurs are very close to naming a successor to Redknapp. Continue reading

Spurs will still sign Vertonghen

Harry Redknapp made it clear over the past few weeks that Jan Vertonghen is one player who he was desperate to bring to White Hart Lane. However, even though it appeared Vertonghen favoured a move as well, the transfer has been thrown into limbo following Redknapp’s shock departure last week. Still, according to Vertonghen this is not a problem, with his agent stating that his client is still looking forward to a move to White Hart Lane later in the summer.

It has to be said that as of yet, no transfer fee has been agreed for the player. While both Tottenham and the player have confirmed they are interested in striking a deal, it is thought that Spurs’ valuation of Vertonghen is significantly lower than Ajax’s. Still, with the central defender having just one year remaining on his contract, it was thought that it would take little negotiation for a package to be arranged between the two clubs.

According to Vertonghen, he is still hopeful this will be the case. His agent, Mustapha Nakhli, said “Nothing has changed at all. He is coming to Tottenham for the club and not for the manager. Managers come and go. Of course Jan is sorry that Harry Redknapp is no longer there but he is going for the club. We have a good relationship with] Daniel Levy. He wants the deal to happen and there is a good atmosphere. I don’t know when it will happen but the deal is close, very close.”

Of course, even though Vertonghen is preaching about a move, Spurs may no longer be interested. It is understood that the club are currently in discussions with former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas about taking over and it may be the case that AVB does not see Vertonghen as a player who would fit into his plans.

Redknapp leaves Tottenham

Ever since Harry Redknapp conducted an interview regarding a new contract, there has been intense speculation surrounding his future. However, the whole sage has now officially ended in tears, after both parties failed to agree terms on a new contract meaning that the former West Ham boss has now officially departed White Hart Lane.

It was only last week that Redknapp said that he wanted to have assurances on his future, with his current contract having just twelve months remaining. However, after meeting Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy for talks, it appears as though the two were some way off concluding a deal and the decision was made for the 65-year-old to leave by mutual consent.

Chairman Levy reiterated that the decision was not an easy one and that Redknapp should still be praised for the way he has managed the club over the past four years. Speaking to Tottenham’s official website, Levy said, “This is not a decision the board and I have taken lightly. Harry arrived at the club at a time when his experience and approach was exactly what was needed. This decision in no way detracts from the excellent work Harry has done during his time with the Club and I should like to thank him for his achievements and contribution. Harry will always be welcome at the Lane.”

The general consensus appears to be that Levy was not satisfied with the way in which Spurs ended the season. Having found themselves in 3rd place, ten points ahead of 4th, in February, Levy was understood to be fuming after the club combusted in the final few months and ended up finishing 4th. Following Chelsea’s victory in the Champions League final, this also meant that Spurs were to miss out on qualification for the tournament and of course the huge financial awards that accompany it.

It now remains to be seen in which direction Spurs will turn, although David Moyes has already emerged as a bookies favourite.

Redknapp dismisses resignation claims

Over the past few weeks there has been plenty of speculation surrounding the future of Harry Redknapp, after the Spurs manager admitted that he had not been contacted by the club about a new contract.

That speculation intensified on Tuesday evening, following rumours that the former West Ham boss had quit the club amid the uncertainty. However, Redknapp has furiously moved to deny such reports, claiming that he has no idea where the rumours have arisen from.

The White Hart Lane chief has claimed that it is “an outrage” for such rumours to occur, telling ESPN, “No, I haven’t resigned, and I have no idea why it’s being suggested I have. This is an outrage – an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet. It is not true, there is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a year left on my contract.”

All of the speculation has arisen from an interview Redknapp gave last month, in which he claimed that his players would feel a sense of insecurity if the Tottenham board waited too long before extending his contract. He said, “The simple situation is, I’ve got a year left on my contract. It’s up to Tottenham whether they want to extend that contract or not. If they don’t extend it and I go into my last year, it’s not an easy one when players know you’ve only got a year left.”

It would certainly appear bizarre for Spurs not to offer the 65-year-old a new contract, considering the huge success that Redknapp has experienced since being appointed in 2008. Prior to his appointment, Tottenham found themselves bottom of the league, yet Redknapp has masterminded some incredible successes including qualification for the Champions League back in 2010.