Jenas departs for Forest

Despite once possessing one of the brightest reputations in English football, it looks as though Jermaine Jenas is going to have to start in the lower divisions again after being farmed out on loan to former club Nottingham Forest.

Jenas has struggled to make any impact in the Spurs first team over recent seasons and the fact that the last time he played 90 minutes came in April 2011 speaks volumes about the number of fitness issues he has had to contend with.

There was hope that he could start to recapture the form that once made him such a promising starlet when he joined Aston Villa on loan last season. However, injury was once again to blame, with Jenas’ spell at Villa Park coming to a premature end after he suffered a serious Achilles issue that kept him on the treatment table for six months.

At the moment, it looks as though the 29-year-old is completely free from injuries. However, considering the competition within the Spurs midfield positions, there is practically no chance of him making an impact in the first team at Whie Hart Lane any time soon. Bearing this in mind, many fans will think the decision to allow him to join his hometown club is an extremely shrewd move and should do his career endless favours.

It’s only in the last couple of years that Jenas has drifted out of first team affairs at Tottenham. The fact he has played over two hundred times for the club shows that he is still one of the more seasoned pros, while the 21 England caps he possesses also indicates that he has undoubted ability. While the midfielder has only joined Forest for one month, there are suspicions that this could be extended for the rest of the season in a bid to add some consistency to his career.