Jose Mourinho reckons the Spurs never find themselves under as much of pressure as the other big sides in England do and that helps them.

Tottenham will face Chelsea the coming weekend in the Premier League. White Hart Lane, where the game is going to be played, has never been a happy hunting ground for Chelsea. They have managed to have just one win under their belt in the 10 appearances that they have made there.


Also, Chelsea’s recent form has been totally awful. They, the defending champions, are struggling to get even in top 10 in the Premier League. They are, in fact, quite a distance away from that. There’s 5 points’ gap between them and Southampton which is positioned at no. 10. So, it’s not hard to understand how poorly they have played so far, the Blues.

Taking all these things into account, you would imagine that it’s Tottenham which is going to enter the Sunday’s game with the favourite tag and thus, they should be under pressure to deliver, but, according to Mourinho, that would not be the case.

Speaking ahead of the game, (for which Chelsea are firm favourites with StanJames odds of 1/2) the Portuguese said, “Tottenham is a team which is not much talked about as far as contending for the title is concerned. Even if they don’t perform well for a period of time, there’s not a lot of discussion. They are never under any real pressure and that makes it a little easy for them. Also, there’s a fantastic manager in charge there who is doing his job properly. That only helps.”

Tottenham is at the 5th position in the Barclays Premier League standings at the moment with 25 points in 14 games. After having only a dismal start, they have got the ball rolling with some class performances.