Mauricio Pochettino is proud of his cost-effective squad

When it comes to spending huge amounts of money in the Premier League, the clubs that have traditionally offloaded more cash in signing their respective targets have been: Chelsea and Manchester City.

Chelsea spent £112 million during the 2016-17 summer transfer window as they secured the services of: David Luiz, N’ GoloKante, Marcos Alonso and MichyBatshuayi. Manchester City dished out even more as their expenditures reached £180 million after signing: John Stones, Leroy Sane, IIkayGundogan, Nolito and Claudio Bravo just to name a few of the more renowned players.

Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand is not a club that is so known for investing as much money in comparison to the previously mentioned squads but Tottenham has still managed to stay for the majority of the season in the 2nd position which is amazing for a team that has been so financially reserved.

The current 2016-17 season of the Premier League at this point in time has less than 10 league matches remaining and the only club that has really been putting pressure on Chelsea has been Tottenham Hotsur and Mauricio Pochettino has recently talked about what it’s been like to perform at such a high level without the breaking the bank account as the Argentinean manager said:

“I think our answer is fantastic. If you analyze where we came from, it’s a fantastic time for Tottenham. The way you build your project is important to analyze. Tottenham is not building now in an artificial way. It is not about putting in money, money, money, and building a fantastic stadium and fantastic team. Tottenham is very genuine, it is a very natural process and it is so exciting because it is unique in the world.”