Sherwood Takes Dig At Chairman

In what is seen as major dig at Chairman Daniel Levy, Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has said that if he needs any information, he will be contacting his player’s agents. It is understood that the players have told Sherwood that their agents have said that the manager would be sacked in the summer. This confirms reports that Levy has not been entirely happy with Sherwood after the former coach was appointed as the first team manager following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. Tottenham have been openly looking at other managers like Louis van Gaal for the last few months.

Since learning of such a process, Sherwood has been looking extremely annoyed on the sidelines and during the postmatch press conferences. Sherwood can have little complaints about leaving Tottenham after he has failed to take the club into the top four. Tottenham have actually regressed a lot since the exit of Villas-Boas. The club has suffered heavy defeat at the hands of Liverpool and Manchester city under the regime of Sherwood. He has also fallen out with several star names over the last few months. Brazilian midfielder Paulinho has featured rarely since the appointment of Sherwood.

Meanwhile, Erick Lamela looks set to leave the club just 12 months after his £ 30 million move.

“I am doing this job with a lot of uncertainty around my future. If you have a supply teacher who comes into your school, sometimes they are not treated with the respect that a headmaster is. If I need any information, I am better off asking the players. Sandro obviously has a knowledge of what is going on. I wish I knew. I don’t know if the chairman has spoken to Sandro but obviously somebody has told him,” Sherwood said.

Sandro revealed a few days ago that Sherwood was about to be sacked in the summer.