Tottenham happy with Position in League

There might be no scope for the Premiership title, but, what is still keeping the Spurs supporters motivated is the possibility of them leaving behind the bitter rivals Arsenal in the standings after two decades.

It has never happened after the 1994-95 season that Tottenham has secured a higher position in the League than Arsenal. But, a win or draw on the Newcastle visit on the last game day will do it for them.

Arsenal can, at maximum, stretch their points to 71 which, in case of a draw at St. James Park, would equalize their tally to that of Tottenham.

That scenario would work in the favour of Tottenham as in their case the total no. of goals scored exceeds the total no. of goals conceded by 10, while, for Arsenal, it is only plus 1.

And, barring an inhumane effort, the Gunners should not cover that margin in one game.

In another scenario where Tottenham wins, they would have 73 points and then, they would be ahead of Arsenal on points’ basis itself, leaving no room for the interference of the goal differential.

There is only one scenario which can make Arsenal finish above Tottenham, as they have been doing for the last 21 years back to back, and that is if they win their game against Aston Villa and on the other hand, Tottenham is upset by Newcastle.

However, these possibilities are not generating much interest in the Tottenham camp, surely not as much as outside.

The supporters are interested in this position battle big time, but, as far as the boss Pochettino is concerned, he reckons he does not work with the goal of just to be beating a particular team in the race, but, to beat all and be the Champions.