Vertonghen switch off?

There have been intense rumours throughout the summer that Jan Vertonghen would be making a switch to Spurs in the very near future. In fact, you could describe the reports as more than mere speculation, with Vertonghen, his agent and also Harry Redknapp all discussing the move in the press. However, it now appears as though a deal is a long, long way from being concluded, with Ajax currently in disagreement with the player over a financial bonus.

It is understood that Vertonghen is due a percentage of any transfer fee, but Ajax are unwilling to accommodate this as they bid to keep their star defender. Vertonghen’s agent, Mustapha Nakhli has already given his take on the update, stating that he hopes Ajax stand by their agreement. Speaking to De Telegraaf he said, “’Jan Vertonghen has always stood by Ajax, and he expects that the club does the same”.

Ajax on the other hand remain confident that the deal is not dead in the water. In fact, they claim that while they were hoping for the transfer to have been completed before now, they still believe that it is in its final stages. Financial director Jeroen Slop told De Telegraaf, “We all hoped for a rapid agreement between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax and Spurs and Jan Vertonghen. It’s in its final stage, but in our opinion there is still no concrete news.”

Vertonghen will be relieved that Spurs still want the deal to go ahead, after he was negotiating with Harry Redknapp in the early stages of the transfer. Following the former West Ham boss’ hasty departure, there was some doubt if the signing would occur. However, it’s understood that Daniel Levy is keen to push a deal through and bring Vertonghen to White Hart Lane before Redknapp’s successor is named.