1. i know baines so ill ask him on saturday and see what he says lol

  2. Thers no other club like Everton it goes beyond words.I pity people who ar’nt Evertonians i really do cause its pure magic.

  3. I’m in this vid. Waving the flag about 15 secs in, I wad 15, 29 now. Best day if my life.

  4. I Love This Club. Your In My Heart, Your In My Soul.

    Everton FC Till This world ends!!!!

  5. I was seven, but I missed the bloody parade I think. My dad took me to some park to get my picture taken with the cup though. I’ve still got the photo. Great year. lol

  6. I was 9 when we won this and I remember going to the parade they had in Liverpool after they won this, great time!

  7. G-d this is brilliant. <3 Everton.
    May next season be even better than the last.

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