1. Do a youth project save with a team from Skrill south or north…Sorry
    about the sack mate

  2. Well…. I think you should start a RTG style career with the 9 level of
    English Football Rik! I suppose you still did something with this save tho

  3. Unlucky about the sack but loved the bit at the start about them only
    having Oreos was pissing myself haha ;)

  4. Dayum, I was not expecting that at the start of the season. Unlucky though,
    hope you come back stronger whether that is on this save or a new one. 

  5. Unlucky mate, would love to see you have a go at the Pentagon challenge
    though but I would understand if you didn’t feel up for it

  6. what you think of Valdes’ injury – he’s leaving on free transfer and
    nobody is going to want him because he’s out till winter

  7. Real shame about the sacking. You’d really built something there. But
    moving on I’d love to see a long project/LLM save with a skrill north/south

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