1. good luck. spurs can hardly afford vertonghen’s pricetag, let alone afford the wages of Adebayor. They will be lucky to keep VDV, Modric and Bale because I have a hunch that at least one of them will be playing elsewhere (vdv and modric?), whereas Arsenal now have plenty of funds to strengthen the side. The only worry for Arsenal fans is the possibility of RVP leaving but it is in the club’s hands to show ambition, and even if he does leave those funds could be used to bring in a replacement.

  2. false and false. you will do neither of those as you have yet to win the premier league and have yet to finish above us in the premier league so odds are neither of those will happen and maybe youll come in fourth but most likely not with chelsea buying up the market

  3. Stoke is the only match spurs fans cam complain about and we still should have won we need a goal scorer like van pierse but he plays for arsenal cough*waste of talent* cough only joking any way spurs next year will have improved we will come above arsenal and we might be able to challange for the Title

  4. we all know tottenham should be playing in the europa league as thats where they are playing. if they “should have” been playing in the CL then they wouldve came in 3rd but they didnt so in turn they should not. and dont say anything about the refs as every team has their own deals with that so they might as well equal out.

  5. modric is definitely not so much better than arteta and song and parker are not the same. parker is good for one reason…he works hard, thats it. and again you better start to worry about your own squad as modric is looking more and more like hes going to united and if he goes then who do you have to play in that creative role? van der vaart? maybe if he can put a set of matches together and get his attitude sorted out or if he even stays. the table says it all, arsenal are the better team

  6. As for arsenal copying spurs thats bull shit as that means loads of english clubs have copyed spurs as others have won the european cup and won the double so it would be impposible not to copy spurs

  7. modric is so much better than arteta parker and song about the same bale and gervinho not comparable freidal and CZenchy (cant spell his name) about the same except friedals over adebyor and van pierse well the less said the better
    but with next season we will take third or second as bale and modric are world class but so is van pierse who will be flying to madrid, manchester, or italy after the euros

  8. We all know that tottenham should of qualoflyied for the Cl bbut we didt we played poor in the last half of the season we can only really complain of one match were the ref cost us witch was when we lost to stoke but if we had been a bit more clinical arsenal would`t be playing in the champions leageuge

  9. idk why you’re saying good luck holding onto van persie. he already said all he wants to see is signings which we’ve already started doing. you should be praying that you hold onto modric as i’m sure he’d like to be playing in the CL instead of playing against fc sheriff and legia warsaw. spend less time worrying about us and more about you’re own squad. you’re taking place in the carling cup of europe and you wont even win it…congrats.

  10. it was right? well done son. we have podolski* and you have bale and arteta is quality and if you dont think so then you clearly know nothing about football but that would make sense as you allow the likes of kranjcar and sandro to play but anyway we are in the CL you are not. we are a bigger club you are not. we did not blow a 13 point lead in the league, you did. we are a rich club you are not you made a dvd when you beat us for the first time in years we did not. youve got a great argument.

  11. North London cant be forever red as at the start arsenal wernt there so at that point it was right idiot
    Oh and good luck at keeping hold of robin van peirse he wont be staying we have bale you have gervinho he is so shit
    we have modric you have oh yeah arteta

  12. haha youre a fucking faggot. with the swing of drogba’s leg you went from the champions league to the prestigious competition that is the europa league. enjoy that shithole of a tournament and the 5 mill in prize money you get for qualifying for it while we will roll in the 35 mill we get for qualifying for the champions league..again. forever and always in our shadow and of course MIND THE GAP!!!!! you fucking cunt. AFC. One team in north London, always and forever RED

  13. 1 game in 4 of the last two years. Yeah sure… better team. Bring on next season. 6 games to 1 anyone?

  14. haha you’re so funny. Shit banter, shit club, shit bitter fans. I’m surprised how you could even find my mother in that shadow. Stupid cunt, mind the gap haha

  15. Arsenal have been a north London team for longer. Spurs were technically in Middlesex until 1954. Fact.

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