1. the fuck thinks we wanna play the tottenham way. fuckin cunt, we dont your shit game to play the most attractive football in the league

  2. playing the tottenham way fuck off u four eyed cunt name one tottenham player have ever had better than RVP,Henry,Bergkamp

  3. @RetroReviews28

    That dont make you heavy mate I watched your firm get bashed by west ham youth stop talking big on the internet your not part of there firm so don’t talk about it

  4. Arsenal can say whatever you want yes you may have won 5-2 but in every fight we kick your little false north london ass bitch the yid army 95% of the time kick your shitty herd in the yid army are the top and most dangerous firm of north london hahahahahaha lol

  5. Play the tottenham way?!?! Why would we get on our knees and blow dick. Mate I’d rather watch Stoke City play than you cunts

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