Kranjcar launches Spurs attack

Having recently completed a transfer to Dynamo Kiev, Niko Kranjcar has now decided that the time is right to launch a scathing attack on his former chairman Daniel Levy. According to Kranjcar, Levy has treated his fellow countryman Luka Modric with no respect whatsoever, after supposedly promising him a way out of White Hart Lane this summer.

Kranjcar departed the club last month after a miserable three years at White Hart Lane. Despite arriving with a glistening reputation, he never managed to force his way into Harry Redknapp’s plans and left the club after making 72 appearances.

There is no doubt that throughout his time at Spurs, Kranjar was a hugely frustrated figure. This seems to be resembled in his latest comments about the club, where he has attacked Daniel Levy for going back on his word about Luka Modric. He said, “I know that the chairman talked to him face to face last autumn. He promised Luka he would let him go, and now he’s condemning him. Levy did everything to protect the interest of the club and make a profit. He has also used lies to deceive the public, which is allowed in business, but if you were in Luka’s shoes, you would probably do the same as him.”

It certainly does appear as though Levy is dragging his heels in the whole Modric situation, although this is doing nothing but good for the club. Levy has built a reputation as being one of the toughest chairmen in the Premier League and Spurs are widely expected to net a huge figure when the Croat is eventually sold. While other clubs, and players in this case, will constantly become frustrated with Levy’s no-nonsense attitude, everyone involved at White Hart Lane knows that the only way Luka Modric will leave will be for a hefty transfer fee.