1. I doubt you will meet them now mate english football hooliganism has died down now but in the hay day the top english firms were unstoppable

  2. I highly doubt it but hey, i hope some day we meet. Cheers mate. DELIJE SEVER.

  3. You should have tried fighting the ICF, Leeds Service Crew, Chelsea Headhunters, Millwall Bushwackers, 6.57 crew or the red army you would have been going home in an ambulance mate haha

  4. @hardrampage I’m not really into the whole football hooligan thing but from what I’ve seen ultras are just phoney little fans who wave around flags hold up littles banners and flares and

  5. You’re joking, right? I admit that i never met top english firms, but we beat the shit out of Leicester City FC fans some ten years ago. They have a loud bark but weak bite. And the singing at the stadiums is hilarious.

  6. They laugh until the english fans are in front of them, then they cry like little babys

  7. Did they just get internet in serbia? Every time i watch a video now i see a comment yelling out SRBIJA!!!!!


  9. I absolutely love how angry they look. And that they’re singing. And that they have accents. Omg I just love this.

  10. Don’t you think this is kinda gay? British casuals are not like this! Red Star Belgrade

  11. види их какви су гамад британска ови су највеће зло на планети, поред ватикана и балијандера

  12. You wanna have a good fuckin day?! Take a beer from Czech Republic and buy the greatest kind of Polish sausage and go with your band for match !!!!!

  13. This is what arsenal should sing at the Emirates Stadium at least they would have a song to sing lol

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