1. Just because Man United has won 19 English Leagues doesn’t mean they are the best team in Britain, There are other countries in Britain, and the English League is only available to teams in England.

  2. No, he played for Celtic between 1961–1975. If he was there during 1915-1917 I’m sure that unbeaten run would have been a lot longer!

  3. his “shit” team are probably the best team in britain, no other team’s won 19 english leagues

  4. oh yes they do, i was born in mexico and i remember when my classmates asked me to play a game they called “Soccar”, and it turns out to be the sport that is shown here in this video.

  5. yeah because they were forced into relegation and the good players left, otherwise they would be on top.

  6. You idiot. I dont mean that all those teams are crap. I mean that it is easy because Juventus is alot better than all the other teams

  7. no. 7 arsenal no. of games unbeaten : 49
    streak ended by: MAN UTD!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW

  8. actually no, I didn’t dislike this video. I may be a troll, but I have standards… and that would be “you’re” xD

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