1. توتنهام هوتسبير نادي عريق ومن افضل الاندية في العالم ومن افضل الى افضل والى
    الامام دائما

  2. مقطع محفز جدا ومن افضل المقاطع لنادي توتنهام هوتسبير ومن افضل الى افضل والى
    الامام دائما

  3. من افضل المقاطع لنادي توتنهام مقطع جميل جدا ومن افضل المقاطع للنادي

  4. نادي توتنهام هوتسبير نادي عريق ومن افضل الاندية في العالم وهذا المقطع من
    افضل المقاطع للنادي ومن افضل الى افضل والى الامام دائما

  5. How does it feel like to lose by 5-2 to a team that lost by 8-2 a few
    months back.Yeah, it feels like spuds.A cheeky FOYS for you.there.

  6. By the way how many players have Arsenal bought this year? Lol, joke club.
    That is your sole purpose now to beat Spurs. And that is becoming harder.
    Just one point in the last two years. Arsenal are in decline. Sad really.

  7. Of course, well why are you here Sir? Your words are one of someone who has
    low ambition. Like your team. Remember the days when Arsenal use to be the
    best team in the country. When they wanted to actually win titles and cups.
    Now they are just happy to be above Spurs or be in C.L. This is a team in
    stagnation and the reason why Arsenal fans watch Spurs video as you admire
    our ambition.

  8. 5th place Tottenham well done, arsenal have been through years of
    transition and still consitantly finish above u hahah enjoy thursday

  9. “Bullshit spuds bought some players,Bullshit spuds think they are going to
    breathe champions league air.Bottled it once,Bottled it twice so they ate
    the Lasagne and died”-song written by spuds 5th spot “ambition”.

  10. Tottenham fans just developed a winner attitude and mentality, not sure if
    they players have it. I can see the fans want a win in every match, no
    matter what team they play. Seventh place, which was few years ago, a good
    spot, now it’s a weak position and they need to recover. Arsenal fans are
    some arrogant cunts. That’s why I like Spurs more than Arsenal.

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