1. If the emirates cup counts then we won a trophy 2 years ago. Shot yourself in the foot haven’t you, talking about the Emirates Cup.

  2. So when was the last time spuds have won the league? over 50 years now! HAAHA you just embarrassed yourself you moron!

  3. Fuck off, for how much has not Arsenal won a trophy? Oh, can’t remember that well, but at least clubs history is made on trophies won and not on league standings.

  4. We took over your shit and spuds are dirty big whoop! Boo hoo grab a tissue. The weak get dominated just like Arsenal over you hopeless spuds! 18 years bitch!

  5. So what? We have history behind our back and Arsenal is not even from North London idiot, keep complaining about two decades we’ve been shit but before that we were a top club, so fuck off now.

  6. WHAT WHAT WHAT??? Since 1994 spuds have not finished above Arsenal so please dont make yourself look stupid and check out the facts you dick! 18 years and still counting. Make up any history you want in your head but the facts remain eternal!

  7. Hey for real, you’re the only fucktard posting here. Get a fucking life or go commenting your beloved team videos. Or you don’t have any? You jealous cunt.

  8. Lol, you sad Arsenal fans, you are all same pathetic. Just look through table in those 18 years and you’ll see us finishing above Arsenal in league. So stop talking rubbish, you sad cunt.

  9. Spuds haven’t won the premier league for over 50 years so please don’t talk shit! LOL you are really stupid!




  11. hahaha then why is the feeder club on top of spuds? What does that make spurs? A pathetic club!

  12. Yeah and the arse kicking you copped at Shite Hart Lane. 5-2 remember! Now that’s a proper thrashing not some fluke 3-2 victory! We added another 2 goals on top of your 3-2 result just for good measure! God, when will these imbecilic spudheads understand that Arsenal are the kings of North London? Now 18 straight that spuds have finished below Arsenal. It just gets boring!

  13. LMFAO Title contenders my arse. 18 straight years below Arsenal. You guys were all saying how this is the best spurs team and how Arsenal currently have their worst squad. Explain to me then how our worst squad in history could still top spuds best team ever? This just shows how pathetic spuds are. If Chelsea win this week against Bayern, then it’s bye bye spuds and hello Europa! Enjoy bitches!

  14. I don’t understand what you are trying to imply. Your grammer is awful and your lines don’t make any sense. It’s total gibberish, nonsensical rubbish. Please refer to the palm!

  15. read u moron, he is not my boss, i never said i was a spurs fan.
    yet i got to call u a simpleton, cretin and moron without any resonse to them words from you, logic been u are all the above.

  16. You boss Arry Bedknapp has pretty much conceded victory against Arsenal. Don’t believe me? Go to skysports

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