1. Christ, can one of these videos be without music. Just leave the commentary

  2. Tottenham has my respect. They nearly dismantled City a few days ago. Balotelli should of been sent off, and really City wouldn’t of won.

  3. @nouakchott90 Typical thata supporeter of Man Utd should like the only other team that I dislike… Tottenham and Man Utd = Bunch of cunts

  4. we would if we had your money you and chelsea are a disgrace to english football so much for being in the Champions League cant even get out of the group stage with your team,how unrealistic do you look at being top of the league ?? where have you been the last 20 years ? i will tell you mid table in the prem, the old division 1 and division 2 thats how well you have been, you would be doing all that again if you didet have your fansty team at least Spurs do it the real way 🙂

  5. What this missed was the aerial view of the crowd just as the goal went in.

    Never seen anything like it in my life, it wasn’t just cheering..

  6. The most emotional part of the video for me was Gomes’s reaction. We can do it this year boys! COYS

  7. Me too mate. I wonder what mercenary fans get out of football, surely not feelings like this!

  8. This always makes me smile. One of the happiest moments of my life as a spurs fan 😀 Harry Redknapp is one of the great managers.

  9. Look how long ago i did this, and u cant say ekotto is useless now hes been a good player consistently for us this year.

  10. Saw Muse play this track a couple weeks ago at Reading Festival, made me think about your channel!

  11. Strange! Crouch Gave us champions legue with the goal vs city and young boys and then cost it for us lol and his own goal vs cit same spot where he scored da ja woo! GOD BLESS U TALL FELLER

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