1. I was sad when he left us, but I know it’s the best for him. Good luck with everything Pav!

  2. Блеать, такие голы я готов забивать каждый день

  3. pavlyuchenko is SHIT, he just occasionally scores an absolute screamer and theneveryone who watches match of the day thinks he is incredible, well hes not

  4. ever heard about liedson? older, cheaper and scores too… this is the only season that you are speaking, why? the others weren’t this good huh? f*ck off

  5. Every time Pavlyuchenko scores other players hug him like brothers, Tottenham what a team!

  6. Best Spurs vid for me on you tube is Tottenham hotspur champs league here we come. Great goals, emotion but what is the name of that ibiza anthem they use on it

  7. Realmente tens razão, é uma tarefa dificil para qualquer ponta de lança marcar tantos golos como o Roberto “marca”. LOOL

  8. um matador capaz de ser o matador de melhor qualidade em portugal depois do falcão

  9. e que tai estares enganado ja esta a caminho e vai ser a surpresa do torneio da america………….viva o sporting tambem merecemos 1 bom jogador ou e so o benfica milionario

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