1. my parents are french, we moved to kensington when i was 2 years old. i created this account when i was on holidays in ireland in 2010. my first chelsea match was in 1997 when they won the fa cup and a season ticket holder 2 years after (i was 7 at the time).
    i lived in london for most of my life, went to school here and no university, i am a londoner.

  2. what do you know mate your not even a real chelsea fan your irish im a london boy that knows tottenham and chelsea very well seen i only live 10 minutes from stamford bridge – why dont you go follow shamrock rovers or something and dont try follow teams from other countries thats pathetic

  3. say what you like your pathetic little club have never been in a cl final. we were terribly unlucky in 2004, 2008 and 2010 when we should have won so this is just rewards. why complain about something that worked? could spuds have beaten napoli, benfica, barca or bayern on their own pitch? we will play quite differently this year this year with hazard, mata and the incoming hulk, looking forward t showing you guys what a real london club can do when the chips are down, you bunch of bottlers.

  4. god himself must be a chelsea fan with the luck chelsea got in the champions league this year – parking the bus and hoping for a break = thats how stoke play well if you enjoy whating your team play shit football then good luck to you

  5. eh no i bet modric is glad he did not go now because its clear spurs are better this season – ye are in champ league final with pure luck and will not win it trust me – modric might leave but not to chelsea and spurs would never sell both bale and modric no chance – bayern at home no terry ivanovic – i wont have to delete the comment

  6. Your right we need to win champions league to have a chance in signing great players. But not really dreaming if modric even said last season on tv that he would like to join chelsea. chelsea have the doe and if we win the CL you might aswell delete your comment. x

  7. what are you smoking bale and modric ysa dream on – when bayern beat ye at home chelsea wont even be in the europa league in 6th do you think bale and modric would even go there ehhh NOOOOO – your deluded keep dreaming on cloud 9

  8. Gareth Bale next Chelsea player. Bale, Torres, Modric, Luiz, Ramires, Mata and McEachran the future of football.


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