England End Early

The world’s most important football event for the next four years – the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted by Brazil (a team humiliated by the German national last night) has ended early for the English players, and the games of the Premier League won’t be on until the middle of August. Now the most exciting sports events to follow are tennis matches and the Tour de France. While female tennis is a very entertaining sport for a short while, cycling is not that fun to watch. So, what should we do in all this spare time?

OK, we could take a vacation. It’s summer after all. We can go to the beach, or in the mountains, or visit some foreign country (preferably with a beach or some mountains). If we are not in the situation (financially or otherwise) to afford such a vacation, we can always find time for some alternatives – playing on a computer for example.

Computer games have become more and more spectacular in the last few years, but most of them have also become boring. Developers get lost in the jungle of stunning visual effects and forget about the most important thing about a game – its story. With such games available on the market, I prefer to turn to much simpler ones, that also have the potential not to only cost me money, but also to help me fill my ever-hungry pockets – casino games.

Make no mistakes – I’m not talking about spending all my money on poker machines or the slots. Rather I like to access a casino through the internet, run by one of the partners of the Hotspur – Betfred. Their casino games help me get through boring evening when none of my mates are up for a beer at the pub – and on these evenings I not just save the beer money, but usually also add some extra quids to it for the next one.

Another place I visit often is the casino run by the competition (William Hill). Its Vegas casino has one of the most beautiful roulette tables of them all. It helped me learn a lot about the game at my first visit, and it also gave me back all the money I lost. It was a useful experience for sure.

There is another place I like to visit on those endless nights when there’s nothing to see or do – the Swedish casino at Betsson. This is not a place where I go to gamble, but rather for fun. Its games all run without the need even to register an account – it’s the perfect place to spend a few hours playing without having to spend money in the process.

The games of the Premier League will return in August, a few days before my birthday. Until then…