Southgate scouting in Russia

England’s latest 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign saw them having to settle with a 2-2 draw against Scotland as both national sides faced off on June 10 of 2017. This result solidifies England for the top position of group F from the UEFA section of the qualification stages.

Out of the 6 qualifying matches that England has played so far, they have won 4 and drawn 2 which has allowed them to snatch 14 points and are above everyone else from that group but Slovakia and Slovenia are following England closely behind with 12 and 11 points earned respectively so far.

It’s not a big surprise to see the England national football team doing well as they are the favorites of finishing at the top of group F. However, despite having a fairly positive run so far in their group, the head coach of England Gareth Southgate is believed to be traveling through Russia in order to spectate certain matches and hopefully find talented players that could be added to his own squad for the English national side.

It’s believed that Gareth Southgate has been spending a few days in Russia attending matches as well as trying to figure out potential venues that can be utilized as a base for England’s squad for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. England are at 10/1 to win the tournament, but you would be better off sticking a betting accumulator on England winning each of their matches all the wy through to the final, as you can get much better odds.

St. Petersburg is one of the areas of Russia that the Football Association (FA) is considering for the English national side to utilize as their main base for the worldwide tournament which is edging closer but one of the issues that is surrounding Gareth Southgate is the distance between this and some of the other venues.

The travel time between St. Petersburg and Sochi is around 3 hours and some of the other venues where a few matches are going to be played in Russia for the 2018 edition of the tournament has a similar travel time which is significantly long.