1. Clint Dempsey is such a fucking pussy. The Americunt went on strike like a pussy and refused to play for Fulham who have made him a fucking multi-millionaire. We need to purge football of greedy Americunts before it’s too late,

  2. Who the fuck is Dempsey!? Spurs shouldn’t made a stupid buy with the money of VDV and Modric! They should of focused more on Moutinho!

  3. Back to Hamburg again, pity he was a classy player to watch so it’s a loss to all us fans of premier league clubs.

  4. I understand that, I just got my point of view on it. Maybe just remove FC Porto to England…

  5. thats bullshit son thats 145k per week spurs wouldnt pay that for dempsey no one would hes on under 100k per week guarunteed

  6. my whole point… “would have been” out of their whole pathetic history they managed to get into the CL once hahaha pathetic

  7. True besides which player doesn’t want to play in the champions league. He probably thought there were bigger teams out there interested in him. But he still has a better a chance at Spurs then Fulham

  8. then dont go to the media and say he wants champions league football when tottenham are well known for a europa league team or not even that…

  9. The actually numbers are 3 years worth about 22.2 million pounds. making him the highest paid american ever.

  10. Lebron and Clint are gonna be boys now because king James is part of Fenway sports which supports spurs. 2 great American athletes

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