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  3. relax tough guy, im just sayin what i see. he’s still a badass, its one of the few tricks he has i can figure out. and i did tell it right PRICK!

  4. U love dynamo but you try to ruin his trick by telling it which you failed at , if u were a fan u would watch and enjoy DICK !

  5. i love dynamo and hate to ruin his trick, but the first one where he kicks the cards, watch his left hand after the kick. he’s quick, he’s got the card in his hand and continues to fold it secretly. the planted card he shows in his shoe is conveniently folded to show the Q. he fakes dropping the card in his left hand which already has the card he just folded.he quickly puts on his shoe so no one sees the planted card is still in there. he’s got crazy skill to make it look so realistic. props

  6. what are you on about? he brings it from his sleeve. no camara trickery, and what has it got to do with governments watching him? us normal people know it’s a ‘trick’ not real magic you scitzo.

  7. It’s not up his sleeve at all its a camera trick why you think the camera zooms out, its all setup and fake if it was real all the governments in the world would be wanting him. FACT.

  8. thought you were talking about the other one, and yeh you can see if you pause that one that he gets it out of his sleeve so …. not a setup… yeh….

  9. yeh just pursuaded a load of footballers to help make a fake video, even though theyd all be able to ruin his career by telling anyone about it. sounds likely, not like just a good trick by a fucking genius

  10. I think when he asks someone to pick a card, like when he asked gary neville to think of any card, there is some form of mind control, there is no other logical explanation, he had a shirt with the number and name signifying the card he was thinking of. I don’t know, all i know is this lad is class.

  11. nope, you dont use sleeves. Can be found on the dvd 21, this is a effect by anders moden (healed and sealed), incredible dvd i suggest that you get 2 effect on there are absolutely fantastic. Each one worth twice the dvd and there are like 15 effects

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