1. Sign that Corrigan guy from Everton, you previously wanted some British
    talent who could score and he proved it against your top level Tottenham
    defense. Good back-up option, as for Ricardo, offer him out for 45-55m and
    if no offers come in keep him.

  2. I always have a problem with my left backs always giving away fouls. Baines
    has given away atleast 5 penalties in a few months

  3. Much higher defensive line very risky, Cassasola at fault for both goals
    rushing out.
    Quality video, top series.

  4. Even though Ricardo is frustrating due to his I probably would of held onto
    him anyway.

  5. Unlucky with Ricardo man, such a good player! Hope you find another wee gem
    just like him only with less injuries and shizz :)

  6. Thanks for watching the video lads. Hope everyones all good. I have set up
    a Paypal donation page… not asking you to rob you’re parents wallet or
    anything but… you know. The links on my channel banner

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