Ending the Premier League season on the 5th position is something that Mauricio Pochettino was happy to see his team accomplish as Tottenham Hotspur was able to squeeze and snatch a spot that will allow the team of Pochettino to get into the group stages of the Europa League in the next season.

Even though Mauricio Pochettino is proud of what his team achieved, he is hoping to sign a few players that can help him in finishing at an ever higher spot but in order for this to happen, Pochettino will need to have the support from the owner and chairman as those are the main figures of the club who have to take the financial decisions of Tottenham Hotspur.

Pochettino said: “For us next season, we will try to improve our squad and fight from the beginning of the season for the top four. It is a difficult thing, but we need to be ambitious. The win means we go straight to the Europa League groups, so we have more time to prepare for the season. To finish above Liverpool, Southampton and Everton is a very good thing for Tottenham.”

“For us, our goal next season is to try and improve our squad and try to fight from the beginning of the next season for the top four. It’s a difficult thing but we need to be ambitious.”

Those were the words that Mauricio Pochettino told to the media after Tottenham Hotspur managed to defeat Everton on their last match of the season which allowed his team on automatically advancing and earning their qualification spot for the Europa League of the upcoming year.

This victory against Everton was not only important for Tottenham Hotspur because it enabled their passage to the Europa League of next year (and they are already installed as fourth favourites according to Ladbrokes) but it’s also meaningful for the club due to the fact that it’s the first time they manage to defeat Everton at Goodison Park since 2007.

Tottenham Hotspur’s game against Everton concluded in a 1-0 victory for the squad of Pochettino with the only goal of the entire match arriving from Harry Kane as the youngster scored it with a first half header.